Al Jazeera Training Center


UX Design / Front-End Development

Project Duration:

3 months


Improve the quality of Al Jazerra Training Center programmes and services. Make the site responsive and refactor the codebase to include design patterns from their design language system.

  • Deliver a website that will enhance reach, engagement, and revenue for training programmes, content, and services.
  • Deliver quality website experience that will help audiences discover, register, and interact with the Training Center through digital platforms.
  • Grow international customers of AJTC programmes and services.


  • UI / UX Design
  • Front-End Development
  • QA / Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Deployment


  • Optimized page performance and load times
  • Improved visual presentation, consistency, and user experience
  • Increased registrations by 20%
  • Mobile-first responsive design increased percentage of mobile user adoption
  • Reduced bounce rate


I was an advocate for user-centered design as a corporate vision and supported UX consistency across the brand portfolio. I collaborated with product managers, designers, and engineering to create effective UI and UX solutions that supported business requirements.

For this project I created low-res wireframes, hi-res mock-ups and developed front-end prototypes. Once the prototypes passed QA and gained internal stakeholders approval I worked with the platforms team to implement the templates and modules into their content management system.

Wireframes – Desktop

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Wireframes – Mobile

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