DTT Branding and Identity


Visual Designer

Project Duration:

3 weeks


  • Logo design
  • Create look and feel for business branding
  • Cohesive and consistency for core brand elements
  • Typeface and color palette selection


  • Gathering requirements
  • Project Management
  • Scope Definition
  • Create brand guidelines
  • Organizing, packaging, and exporting files in all formats for creative use


  • Created trust withing the marketplace
  • Improved response rates, boosted sales, market share and revenue
  • Increased customer loyalty towards the services
  • Improved brand perception
  • Positive impression of the company amongst consumers

Color Exploration

Logo Exploration

We evaluated the current industry landscape to find visual techniques to differentiate DTT as a new brand. We pulled inspirational reference and created logos that span a range of style and tone.

Avoided serif fonts as they felt too traditional and editorial.

The following logo options use open source Google Fonts, with custom modifications.

Round Up

Logo Slide - 21

Logo Recommendations

Style Guide

Core Brand Elements