About Us

We are small, but mighty. Our core team and extended network of allies are built from individual careers in tech and marketing. We saw a gap in the current market for a nimble partner with client and agency side experience, aligned with our values.

Together we're filling the void.

Who We Are

Jabal Bio

Jabal Torres, Founder & Head of Development

Jabal has several years of experience in development within both agencies and client side marketing teams. Prior to starting FiveTwoFive, he partnered with several tech start up leadership teams who have been acquired and garnered multi-millions in funding. Most recently Jabal has worked closely with Adaptive Insights, Cribl, and Synack.

  • 🎧 I program music
  • ⚫️ I wear black most days.
  • ☕️ I'm a coffee snob.
Janelle Bio Photo

Janelle Cipriano, Partner & Engagement Director

Over the past 12+ years Janelle has worked in the entertainment and tech space, on both marketing and product teams. Including product launches and marketing campaigns with Oculus/Facebook, Electronic Arts, Google, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, and Netflix. 

  • 🍟 I <3 french fries.
  • ☕️ I don't drink coffee.
  • 🐢 I don't wear turtle necks.
Mocha Bio

Mocha, Chief Executive Doggo

Mocha has several years of experience in curating treats and is our in-house cheesemonger. She is also an advocate for our mental health and well-being!

  • 🧀 I am a fromagier.
  • 📸 I'm on IG, @thisdogmocha.
  • 🍗 I only eat Mary's chicken.



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