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Create and define a scalable design across all platforms, to unify the visual web presence.

  • Scalable and modular architecture for CSS
  • Mobile-first responsive front-end framework
  • Well structured semantic HTML that is meaningful and easy to read
  • Custom utility class library that eliminates distraction for designer, developer, and content publishers

My Responsibilities

  • Audited existing UI and code base
  • Defined critical user journeys (the designer, the developer, the marketer, and the customer)
  • Validated user journeys through Google analytics insights
  • Created custom UI kit with Sketch based on Bootstrap’s CSS framework
  • Divided stylesheets into modular and reusable Sass partials
  • Automated and enhanced workflows with Gulp.js
  • Standardized naming conventions for common interface language


  • Enabled designers and developers within marketing to create, modify and iterate in a quick and cost efficient manner
  • Created cohesive theme extending across our digital ecosystems
  • Aligned on taxonomy
  • Increased design and development efficiencies and operational rigor
  • Well designed and performant user experiences
  • Extended branding and identity to all web platforms
Michelle Herman profile image
Jabal is a great asset to our marketing team. From a functional skill set perspective he brings deep experience in web design + a maniacal focus on the user experience. From a team perspective, Jabal is an avid “we” vs. “me” man. Extremely collaborative, he is always willing to teach, train, or simply help another teammate. He really thrives in a team-oriented environment. Last, but not least Jabal is a terrific +1 to any company wanting to build a culture of excellence. His passion for his work, for team, and for making his company successful shines bright. Adaptive Insights is lucky to have him!
- Michelle Herman, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications

Brand Design System

Colors Typography Elements

Example of Design System Elements In Use

Landing page example using the design system

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